Your IT staff is under tremendous pressure to do more with less. We understand that. You must reduce workloads, improve efficiencies, and enhance the total cost of ownership of your technology infrastructure — all while reducing capital and operational expenditures. It’s a big challenge. And as technology evolves and data growth continues to explode, you must figure out how to harness the latest technology advances (HPC, big data, cloud, mobile and more) to your advantage and in a cost-effective manner while not sacrificing performance. You need a partner who will ensure your business continuity and operational excellence and a partner that will provide cost-effective solutions that combine the most advanced hardware, software, and services available. Berkeley Communications is that partner.

Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet all of your business and  technology challenges.

For the enterprise we focus on your data center and infrastructure, including your network, compute, and storage environment, and make sure you are running at peak performance. From design to implementation to project management to support.

For the cloud we offer the flexibility, scalability, and accessibility you require. This includes private and public cloud services. We’ve been offering cloud infrastructure solutions since 2003, long before ‘cloud’ became a buzzword in the industry. That’s because we recognized early on the benefits of embracing cloud computing. That foresight has given us 10+ years of experience.

For information securitywe help you protect your infrastructure, data, and applications, and achieve compliance and mitigate risk. Business data is your most valuable asset, so we take risk management and developing a comprehensive security strategy very seriously.

For HPC environments we have designed and deployed HPC or high-performance computing solutions across the globe for industrial, academic, and governmental research critical to scientific advancement. Our HPC customers rely on us every day to provide integrated, turnkey solutions and services resulting in enhanced performance, reliability, and simplicity. As our customer, you will benefit by engaging with Berkeley Communications as a single source for your total solution design, delivery, and ongoing support.


We provide solutions and support that will ensure your company is running at peak performance, and your mission-critical applications and data are always available. We help you meet the technology and business challenges of today.



We offer industry-focused solutions for any technology needs including HPC, SLED, content distribution networks, hosting/co-location and data centers, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, manufacturing, custom solutions and much more.



We have a complete line of professional services including pre and post sales support, logistical support such as warehousing of pre-deployed equipment and spare parts kits, and a global support and install team that can handle all of your international shipments and installs anywhere in the world.


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