Vertical Markets

We have extensive knowledge in a broad range of vertical markets, and have relevant industry-specific solutions that will more than meet your business and technology needs.


Educational institutions face many challenges including explosive data and application growth, administrative costs and budget cuts, and data protection and availability issues to name a few. Working with our partners, we offer cloud computing, data center virtualization, disaster recovery, storage infrastructure, and more.

Our education customers include:

  • K-12 schools
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Research Institutions

Financial institutions today must achieve compliance with government regulations, and face tough challenges of data security and protection, data accuracy and accessibility, as well as operational efficiency. Once we assess our customer’s needs, we deliver a solution that will address everything from storage consolidation and centralized data management to archive and compliance, encryptions, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery.

Our finance customers include:

  • Banking (retail, merchant, investment)
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies
  • Security and investment firms

Protecting a patient’s personal information is vital to any healthcare organization.  With electronic health records (EHR), HIPAA requirements, clinical applications integration, and the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, healthcare organizations need storage systems, infrastructure, and security solutions fine-tuned to their situation, and optimized for patient care as well. Berkeley Communications will work with you to custom design solutions that support patients’ health records and digital images, data management and informational security, and compliance.


Running an efficient law firm and protecting your client’s data are crucial to your organization, and not having the right technology and protection in place will affect the overall productivity of your workplace. Berkeley Communications will help your organization overcome its business and technology challenges while staying within budget.  We offer custom solutions from our partners that address your challenges with data protection, data retention and revisioning, government regulatory compliance, messaging and collaboration software.


If you are a manufacturing firm, and your systems are down or inaccessible, you potentially lose business and even momentum with your business — damaging your competitiveness. Berkeley Communications understands this. We know the challenges you face and the importance of highly available and efficient operations, and the impact it can have on your data and applications, operational costs, storage efficiency and backup and recovery. We offer custom solutions for storage and database infrastructure that will keep your business running optimally and reduce your overall operational costs, and provide backup and recovery solutions that will enable your IT department to spend less time administering this process and more time on more important projects.

Military and Defense

The defense and military sectors must adhere to strict regulations regarding government security. You need the ability to access critical and historical data anywhere and anytime.  At Berkeley Communications, we will customize solutions that will help you better manage your data according to your required level of access. Working with our partners, we offer policy-based, tiered storage solutions that will ensure more frequently accessed data is readily available and automatically stored on the primary server.  Data accessed less frequently is migrated to nearline storage, an approach that improves access compared to retrieval from tape archives.  We also offer information security solutions (data encryption, authenticated access, etc.), storage infrastructure solutions that can be customized to meet your current and future needs, and compliance solutions to ensure you comply with government regulations from the Department of Defense (DoD) or the Continuity of Operations (COOP).

Oil & Gas

If your company is in the oil & gas industry, you have specialized needs in locating, mapping, and drilling for oil and gas reserves. This often requires a sophisticated IT infrastructure, one that will support your data centers every step of the way. We understand this industry, and the challenges you face with your business processes, safety procedures, and field operations. Berkeley Communications, working closely with our best-of-breed partners, can recommend the best solutions whether it is virtualized data centers, security offerings, or sensors and cameras.

State & Local Government

We all know that the public sector faces budget cuts, and struggles to do more with less. They also generate huge volumes of data — much of it confidential and bound by federal and state regulation. We can help you navigate the bureaucracy, meet annual budgets, and get top quality IT solutions from network and data security to storage and backup, data center optimization, virtualization, and more.

Transportation & Logistics

Ensuring on-time deliveries to your customers and maintaining efficient processes are vital to your business. Downtime and other information retrieval issues can affect your business and damage your brand with customers. Berkeley Communications can help you meet the challenges of cost reduction, storage scalability, data accessibility, and ease of management. We will work with you to develop a solution that best fits your needs for storage infrastructure (from SAN to NAS), back-up and disaster recovery for your database information, applications and network, and infrastructure consolidation solutions that lower your overall power, cooling, and physical footprint so you can maximize the potential of your data center environment.


We provide solutions and support that will ensure your company is running at peak performance, and your mission-critical applications and data are always available. We help you meet the technology and business challenges of today.



We offer industry-focused solutions for any technology needs including HPC, SLED, content distribution networks, hosting/co-location and data centers, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, manufacturing, custom solutions and much more.



We have a complete line of professional services including pre and post sales support, logistical support such as warehousing of pre-deployed equipment and spare parts kits, and a global support and install team that can handle all of your international shipments and installs anywhere in the world.


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