Berkeley Communications caters to government agencies and the military by providing IT hardware, software, and service solutions at competitive prices. We provide solutions for the military and government agencies including federal, state, and local governments. We understand the need for our customers to obtain the best technology solutions at the most economical price, and we can beat any GSA prices.

Our teams have experience navigating federal procurement requirements, and can help you design, access, and manage IT solutions that will integrate within your existing infrastructure, help consolidate resources, and even manage large-scale implementations.


We provide solutions and support that will ensure your company is running at peak performance, and your mission-critical applications and data are always available. We help you meet the technology and business challenges of today.



We offer industry-focused solutions for any technology needs including HPC, SLED, content distribution networks, hosting/co-location and data centers, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, manufacturing, custom solutions and much more.



We have a complete line of professional services including pre and post sales support, logistical support such as warehousing of pre-deployed equipment and spare parts kits, and a global support and install team that can handle all of your international shipments and installs anywhere in the world.



Toll Free:1-877-BERK-COM