About Us

Berkeley Communications (BerkCom) is your global technology partner. As a systems integrator and technology partner, we help you design, implement, architect, optimize, service, and support any of your technology and infrastructure needs. For more than 12 years, we have helped thousands of large customers just like you navigate complex technology to leverage the best solution, drive business innovation, and gain efficiencies throughout their organizations, all while optimizing their IT spend. Our complete hardware and software solutions from our industry-leading technology partners are complemented by comprehensive professional and support services. Our goal is to maximize your resources and efficiencies by delivering the best possible solution for your needs.

We put the ‘V’ in value-added reseller.

Few other VARs and systems integrators can match our approach. We go beyond traditional value-added resellers to provide your company with unmatched technical talent, quality solutions, and comprehensive support. Here are a few of the things that set us apart:

  • We offer 24x7x365-layered support on top of the manufacturer’s support. Other VARs simply don’t offer this comprehensive of a service. Upon calling our support line, you are immediately connected with a level 2 or level 3 engineer and we have one of the fastest case resolution times in the industry from our 100-percent, U.S.-based technical support staff.
  • We support the entire product technology lifecycle from initial purchase to decommissioning of legacy hardware.
  • With over 500,000 square feet of strategically located warehouse, demo and test lab space, we are uniquely positioned to provide unmatched logistical and warehousing services to ensure we can support customers globally in any country or time zone.
We leverage the latest technology.

We design and deliver highly available, scalable and secure solutions for storage, high performance computing, network, mobile, cloud, and information security infrastructures in a wide range of vertical and horizontal markets.

  • Our services include advanced technology such as big data design and implementation, high performance computing clusters, public and private cloud, disaster recovery, and much more.
  • We’ve been offering cloud infrastructure solutions since 2003, long before ‘cloud’ became a buzzword in the industry. That’s because we recognized early on the benefits of embracing cloud computing.
  • In addition to these services, we have interoperability labs that handle performance testing, proof of concept and migration dry runs, all without jeopardizing our customer’s mission-critical production environments.
  • We can handle all of your hardware logistics, including repair and redeployment of failed systems, and processing and tracking of RMAs, as well as the recycling or resale of legacy systems.

At Berkeley Communications, we believe our novel solutions point to our technology leadership and understanding.

Headquartered in Northern California, we have regional sales offices throughout the U.S., and warehousing, test lab and demo facilities in Southern California, Arizona, and New York with two labs and data centers on the West Coast. We also own and manage a 44,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, tier-3 data center in the Los Angeles area. Over the last decade, we have worked with thousands of customers in the Americas, European Union, and Asia Pacific in the public, private, and federal space.


We provide solutions and support that will ensure your company is running at peak performance, and your mission-critical applications and data are always available. We help you meet the technology and business challenges of today.



We offer industry-focused solutions for any technology needs including HPC, SLED, content distribution networks, hosting/co-location and data centers, healthcare, finance, oil & gas, manufacturing, custom solutions and much more.



We have a complete line of professional services including pre and post sales support, logistical support such as warehousing of pre-deployed equipment and spare parts kits, and a global support and install team that can handle all of your international shipments and installs anywhere in the world.



Toll Free:1-877-BERK-COM